Argentina is a federal republic made up 23 provinces plus the district of Buenos Aires, the capital. The country has a population of around 40 million inhabitants and an overall land mass of 2,780,403 km2. The official language is Spanish.

Inter Campus Argentina was founded in 2005 in collaboration with the PUPI Foundation, the organisation set up by Javier Zanetti and his wife Paula.

The aim of the project is to improve the social well-being, education and safety of vulnerable children who live in the high-risk area of Remedios de Escalada (Lanús) on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

The district which the children call home is lacking in all basic services. Its houses are crumbling and the main issues are linked to widespread poverty, drugs, violence and abuse. Thanks to the PUPI Foundation, the children receive a meal after school and they also have a space to do their homework and participate in a variety of activities which ensure that their free time is filled in a constructive manner.

Inter Campus equips local instructors through regular educational and sports training and teaches children not just the rules of football but also the rules of life, in order to give them the best possible preparation for facing up to the difficulties that await them.

In 2015 in the barrio 1° de Mayo in Puerto Iguazú, Misiones province, a new sports-educational project was inaugurated. This project is dedicated to 150 children attending the Parque Educativo, a school that was rebuilt in 2010 and it is supported since then by Fundación Grupo London Supply.

The neighborhood 1° de Mayo has grown recently due to the emigration of entire families from Brazil, Paraguay and internal provinces of Argentina, in search of work. There there are health problems, food shortages and diseases that are typical of areas of poverty and social exclusion. The Parque Educativo is right in the middle of the neighborhood and allows to hundreds of boys and girls to study in a safe environment, as well as to receive basic care, as for example the most essential needs, a daily meal.

As an additional teaching tool, primary school pupils can develop, play and grow benefiting the activity of Inter Campus. The program includes periodic football clinics dedicated to physical education teachers of the school.

Responsible Argentina Omar El Sayed
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