ASUNCIÒN – In the Cateura landfill, the children of Inter Campus literally play amongst the garbage. The pitch is a mass of earth piled over bags and bottles, which occasionally peep out the surface. The children joke about and invite us to dig, because you never know what you might find: “Sometimes something beautiful comes up!”, they tell us. They’re curious, and their cheerfulness doesn’t seem to be affected by the context. They make games out of the plastic and abandoned tyres.

They know these places well because most of them live there. After school almost everyone heads to the heart of the landfill to help their parents at work. This is how recycling works here: people spend their days and nights in the rubbish dump, separating one material from another.

Many children are already wearing their Inter shirts because they know that they will be training soon. They run around the pitch carefree, guided by the enthusiasm of the coaches. Yet another confirmation of how true sustainability is born can be seen in their cunning gazes, desire to play and joyous smiles.