BEIRUT – In recent months, Lebanon has been experiencing violent tensions caused by widespread popular discontent with the ruling class and the political system, characterised by the confessionalist distribution of power.

The serious economic and productive crisis, the devaluation of the local currency and the consequent increase in inflation are factors that have pushed the country to the brink of a deep abyss, without considering the conflict that has been devastating neighbouring Syria for years and that has pushed hundreds of thousands of refugees into Lebanon.

Thanks to the support of the NGO Anera, the work of Inter Campus and Turkish Airlines, Travel Proud Partner of the project, has continued throughout this complex scenario. This has helped 80 Palestinian, Syrian and also Lebanese child refugees living in the Shatila refugee camp. The camp covers half a square kilometre and is home to around thirty thousand inhabitants without drinking water, sewage or electricity.

During the mission, in addition to the delivery of new kits and training on the pitch with the younger Inter Campus members, the Inter Campus delegation held coaching courses for the local coaches, all young people born and raised in Shatila with a great desire to support the educational process of future generations.