CARACAS – The children and coaches of Inter Campus Venezuela were in the limelight today as they were interviewed by Globovision’s journalists, who headed to the pitches complete with microphones, cameras and a TV crew. A great day for the children who take to the pitch every week at San Isidro. Josemith spoke for the group, sharing a message on behalf of all her fellow members.

“The Inter Campus training sessions are moments which we can enjoy all together,” she said with a touch of stage fright in front of the cameras. “We’re learning to play football, but at the same time we’re also learning the rules on how to grow as a group.”

In short, Inter Campus made the news. Together with the UEFA Foundation for children and other local associations, this project is helping a troubled community, home to so many enthusiastic and helpful families. They welcomed us with joy and their children have been training for years in the green spaces between all the houses. For once, the news will talk about sport without any mention of the great champions. Instead, they’ll tell the story of football as an educational tool, with less famous, but without a doubt even more authentic voices doing the talking.