Make your support count. If you sign up for Inter Club membership, you’ll be able to support the Inter Campus Brazil project


Starting from 2017/18 season, fans signing up for Inter Club membership will have the option to become a supporter of the Inter Campus initiative and back the project’s work in Brazil.

Inter Campus is a social organisation set up by the club in 1997. The initiative is now active in 29 countries around the world, where it uses football as the catalyst to restore the right to play to thousands of disadvantaged children between the ages of six and 13.

The Inter Campus programme began in Brazil, 20 long years ago. In the favelas of Recife, the children didn’t go to school. They spent every day in the street, exposed to drugs and violence. Inevitably, they slipped into criminality.

Yet thanks to a football shirt, a ball and the passion of coaches they could trust, their lives began to change. Since then, our project has enabled them to play football in a safe environment. Most importantly of all, the children of Recife have returned to the classroom, with their development closely supported.

Make your support count. Contribute an extra €2 when you sign up to the Inter Club programme and support the children of Inter Campus Brazil.