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09.12.2016 / 12.00


The Nerazzurri social project uses its methodology to promote fun and integration on the …


06.12.2016 / 03.10

Notes from the road: Cambodia

Our latest report from the Inter Campus Cambodia centre in Roong, where the children go about…

Israel and Palestine

02.12.2016 / 12.22

Inter Campus to Sorgente di Vita

RAI 2 dedicated a report to Inter Campus Israel and Palestine, telling the reality of Tel …


29.11.2016 / 12.28

The nerazzurri family in Casablanca

Literacy, gender equality and social inclusion: the key tenants of Inter Campus’ …

Israel and Palestine

28.11.2016 / 05.32

Inter Campus invites to the Stadium 200 children

Neghev desert plays hosts to Inter Campus Israel and Palestine. Children and parents in …


18.11.2016 / 06.12

Inter Campus in China to Jinding School

the Nerazzurri social project visits again the school attended by immigrants sons on the …


15.11.2016 / 12.13

Inter Campus in Romania before the cold kicks in

Our latest trip took in centres in Slatina, Valcea and Bucharest, where different communities…


11.11.2016 / 05.32

Inter Campus Bulgaria: integration and social …

The Nerazzurri’s social project is working with orphan children to bring together …


08.11.2016 / 06.22

Inter Campus Venezuela: the power of football

Organised training sessions are helping the children of Inter Campus Venezuela to overcome …


08.11.2016 / 04.27

Inter Campus Lebanon inspiring harmony

In El Mansouri, Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian and Kurdish children are writing their own page…

Israel and Palestine

02.11.2016 / 11.21

Inter Campus bringing people together

In the Palestinian quarter of Beit Zafafa in Jerusalem, the Nerazzurri colours help Jewish …

Bosnia Herzegovina

02.11.2016 / 10.51

The richness of diversity

Religious, ethnic and social integration – that is Inter Campus’ objective in Bosnia …

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