Queretaro – Hugo is a Mexican boy, he lives in Queretaro and is part of the first group from Inter Campus Mexico, born here in the college of the Sisters of Saint Marcellina, which involves 100 boys and girls from disadvantaged families. And it’s to none other than his female teammates that he is sending a message of encouragement and solidarity on the eve of the great female tournament which takes place every year at Silao and involves little girls from all over. A very beautiful and extraordinary event, especially if you consider the fact that it is the little girls who are the stars and their male teammates the ones cheering them on from the sidelines.

“It’s almost a fantasy for a country where gender discrimination, whether it’s towards women, young girls or babies, is persistently growing, as shown by the ridiculously high rate of femicides (up to ten a day),” Karla Guiterrez, a local co-ordinator tells us, “and where physical and psychological violence is an everyday affair inside families where, due to the culture, the women of the household are considered to be inferior.”


That’s why it’s so important for Mexican girls to participate in Inter Campus activities, not only to play and enjoy themselves but also, and perhaps especially, because they do so playing a sport that is considered to be ‘for boys’, growing up in a safe environment where both boys and girls learn to live alongside and respect one and other, where our coaches give them that security that they can’t find in other parts of society. “Playing with the boys hasn’t always been easy,” Eunice tells us, “when I started I was six years old and I got knocked around and rarely received the ball, but I persevered to follow my dream and the message that I would like to send to the other girls is that, if you like playing football, don’t give up on it, you will have great coaches by your side to help you with their tips and advice.”