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El Massir

The El Massir Association is dedicated to educating children through sport.

Elisabetta Redaelli Foundation

Needy children are offered the chance to play and receive schooling at the Colegio El Girasol.

Fondazione Monza e Brianza per il Bambino e la sua …

Fondazione MBBM manages the Ward of S.Gerardo Hospital’s Pediatric Clinic, Monza.

Fundaçao Vida a Pititinga

The Vida a Pititinga Association collects funds to help the local fishing community.

Fundación Casari

The Casari Onlus Humanitarian Committee is dedicated to the social rehabilitation of poor children.

Fundación Crecer Jugando

The Crecer Jugando Foundation defends and promotes the right to play.

Fundación London Supply Group

The Foundation works towards a better quality of life, under the motto: Put more where there is less

Fundación Magallanes

The Magallanes Foundation fights against the violence that is afflicting Venezuela.

Fundación PUPI

PUPI supports the education and health of children living in Buenos Aires needy areas.

Fundación Renacimiento

The Renacimiento Foundation helps to raise and educate street children.

Fundatia Parada

Parada offers social and human support to grant a better future to Bucharest street children.

Futbolistas y Amigos Solidários de Paraguay

The association believes in the values of sport.