KRAKOW – Inter Campus trainers Lorenzo Forneris and Paola Balconi’s latest visit to Poland saw them drop in on the Jadwiga centre and some of the orphanages on the outskirts of the city of Krakow.

Local manager Alexander Kawiorsky – known to all as Olek – and his colleagues are currently working with great professionalism to organise activities for the new season, overseeing the technical and educational training of over 300 children.

As always, the experience of visiting institutions that house orphans or children abandoned by families no longer able to look after them was a very intense one. As well as on-field activities, where the focus is on the recreational and motivational aspects, Olek also organised a dinner to give all the kids the chance to swap stories with Lorenzo and Paola: over simple, traditional dishes, the happy conversation flowed constantly.

Our Inter Campus trainers worked alongside the local instructors, attempting to provide advice suggest new exercises where possible. The truth is, however, that the kids were joining in with such enthusiasm that we have no doubt that it promises to be another excellent season under the inimitable Olek.



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