LUANDA – “Sem meninos?” The request to work without the kids surprised us at first but we soon realised why. There are seventy young men and women who work as educators in the communities involved in the project (in Luanda: Trilho, Bom Pastor, Palanca and Sao Paulo, as well as Viana, Cala Cala, Dondo, Ndalatando and Benguela). They gathered at the Salesian school in Sambizanga, in Bairro Lixeira (the rubbish neighbourhood of the Angolan capital) to follow the Inter Campus course.

Coaches Silvio Guareschi and Fabio Perfetti quickly seized the opportunity. The seventy coaches spent the mornings in the classroom, diligently taking notes, while in the afternoons they ran, juggled and played football, training on the pitch as part of the coaching course. They had lots of fun experiencing how the kids feel and learning the approach the Inter Campus coaches take towards them, respecting their demands and their request to have fun and learn.

At the end of the visit, there was a big party to bid farewell to Father Stefano, the local coordinator who is returning to Italy. After that, Massimo Seregni, the chief organiser of Inter Campus Angola introduced the new coordinator, Father William da Lima, a football lover like all Brazilians. We would like to thank Father Stefano Tollu for the seven years he spent working with us and wish Father William the best of luck: Deus abençoa!



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