NEW YORK – Imagine not only receiving a new shirt but also being handed it by Youri Djorkaeff. That’s exactly what happened to the boys and girls of Inwood yesterday, as they played under the tutelage of the Inter Campus coaches.

A big surprise was waiting for them alongside coaches Andrea Galbiati and Karla Gutierrez. Youri Djorkaeff presented them all with a new kit, before giving them each a few words of encouragement. A special guest but by no means a one-off appearance. Youri has worked closely alongside the Inwood community for the past two years, ever since his foundation YDF became an Inter Campus partner. Together they work to use football and education as a tool to support around 100 children in this low-income neighbourhood of New York which is almost like a little corner of South America.

The Inter Campus trip to America came to an end today. The visit featured a four-day clinic for the local coaches, fun and training for the kids and meetings with the project partners. These include Pirelli Tire North America and the Italian delegation to the United Nations, whom we thank for their vital support.



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