Voronezh – As promised, we returned to Voronezh, Russia, just twenty days after Inter Campus had last visited. We went to celebrate the beginning of our new projects in Semilukij and Savràsava which will seek to help children facing various difficulties (those with psycho-physical, social or family problems). The children are being lovingly and diligently looked out for by our local partner, the Obscie Dieti (Common Kids) foundation, whose work with Inter Campus will last for at least another three years after a contract was signed between the parties.

Inter Campus’s return to Voronezh was cause for celebration, with the children being given sporting gear and then taking part in training sessions and games. What’s more, national (Vesti) and local (TNT Gubernia) broadcasters followed that was going on, with there being a special interest in this collaboration between Italy and Russia, something which has been made possible thanks to Pirelli Tyres. Due to it being -9 degrees outside, all the action took place indoors, but the childrens’ enthusiasm meant that the cold weather was quickly forgotten about!

The 75 boys and girls involved in the project were joined by 25 others who Inter Campus works with in Bobròv. As always, Alexej and Vadim, our wonderful local instructors, were there to look after the children.

Pirelli’s Local Communications Manager, Alexander Karchenko, expressed his satisfaction with this collaboration, so much so that he said he was thinking about helping more children in other parts of the country. When he said this, Inter Campus Russia’s Technical Manager, Juri Monzani, and I looked at each other and replied: “We’re ready when you are!”. Inter Campus is always looking ahead.