Puerto Carreño is situated on a far point of the Colombian flood plain that extends across the border into the heart of Venezuela. Every day, people pass through, either fleeing from something or simply travelling back and forth in search of better fortune.

Few stay for too long in this place where there are no tourists or international humanitarian projects. Only Inter Campus has decided to dedicate its efforts to this cheerful and welcoming indigenous town.

The sport with its Nerazzurro influence fits perfectly into the rich cultural fabric here. The kids play football with us before running to their music courses (harp and violin for all) or dance lessons which are famous as partner dances are taught from the ages of 6 and 7 in school. Fishing is also important with a festival for the Palometa, a fish similar to sole that is at the heart of an annual competition that involves the entire area.

Sport, culture and fishing. This trio reflects the three rivers that meet here with the Rio Meta to the north, the Rio Vita to the south and the Orinoco the east. In the rainy season, the Amazon basins overflow to create an enormous area of flooding that submerges the town. Thankfully, even the water just passes through and things get back to normal after a few weeks.

Everything comes and goes apart from the dirt roads and pitches in the sand, the kids from the project and their desire to play despite the heat. They, like Inter Campus, have no intention of leaving.