NYON –  Under the chairmanship of UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin, the Board of Trustees at the UEFA Foundation for Children met on Friday at the House of European Football. It was here where the list the project winners were announced in helping to further safeguard children’s rights through sport.

And from the many applications put forward, Inter Campus was among the winners!

This collaboration will see support from the UEFA foundation in 2019 to help strengthen activities in Venezuela, where Inter Campus have been present since 2010 – specifically in Caracas. The common goal will be to guarantee the right to play for kids involved in the project, while also offering them food and recreational activities off the pitch. This is to help a country that’s currently dealing with a very difficult socio-economic situation.

“When we chose to put ourselves for the Venezuelan project it was largely due to country’s serious problems,” said Inter Campus President, Carlotta Moratti. “This is an important piece of recognition for the perseverance and determination on our behalf, owed to all of the people that we work with there.”

After our victory in 2016 for the Israel and Palestine project, this is just the latest achievement in helping kids all around the world.