Monza – Every Inter Campus project is unique because the needs of the children we work with are all unique too. To make sure that every child gets to enjoy the game, there are many different routes to follow.

Flexibility (as well as consistency) is one of the most important elements in our mission; it allows us to adapt our approach according to the needs of the children involved, meaning that we can personalise what we do, as has been the case with the Sport Therapy project. Children are cared for in the hospital with their parents by their side, and the strength of this scheme is the way that sport can be used as a form of care. From being isolated, the game allows them to socialise and from intense treatments, it helps to them to feel rejuvenated.

It’s a real team effort, where everyone plays an essential role: from Inter Campus coach Roberto Redaelli to the centre’s mobility scientists, from Dr Lanfranconi to Dr Spinelli, from the communication team to the fundraising team and each person who works every day at this incredible centre to help children get better…