SAO PAULO – It’s the coldest winter Sao Paulo has known in 30 years, with temperatures dropping as low as 6 degrees. While the weather hardly paints the stereotypical image of Brazil there’s no doubt that football is still alive and well in this corner of the globe. The Nerazzurri’s delegation headed to the largest city in South America and to a neighbourhood where Sao Miguel Paulista play, to help 150 children and five coaches improve their skills.

Every day presented a new challenge, while always the focus being on collaboration and helping each other out. This is because the football pitch is a metaphor of life, and attitudes fostered on the pitch can also be taken off it. Many parents watched on as the youngsters got stuck in and learned the positive values which football can instil in people.

It’s precisely because of Inter’s intervention that conditions are as good as they currently are, as well as the efforts of local coaches. The pitches provide a great congregation area for local people, a community hub. The area is currently being reformed; there are new concrete and grass pitches, as well as a multipurpose field. What’s more, a swimming pool has been installed as well as more facilities for recreational activities.

This is another great example of the Inter Campus project providing a boost to communities in need and teaching the value of collaboration, both in football and in everyday life.