HAVANA – We arrive in Cuba close to the anniversary of the death of Fidel Castro, an event which shook the island and its inhabitants. The climate is melancholy but positive. As usual, the Pedro Marrero stadium is of athletes of different ages under the sun.

Here, we meet coaches and children who run to run to us asking to redo the exercises from the last visit. They won’t be the same even if the principles remain the same: Fun, respect and concentration. The key pillars of Inter Campus never change but always adapt. It’s a reality away from the Olympic spirit where winning counts, because everyone can take part and concentrate on the methods and philosophy of the Nerazzurri project. These values are reaffirmed on the pitch as they were during AFIDE, an international forum dedicated to sport and human development.

The event is held every two years as sportspeople from all over the Americas gather. We present Inter Campus to Peruvians, Panamanians, various South Americans and some Europeans, showing interesting statistics from the total of around one thousand children involved in the project. Health is analysed according to parameters of growth in height and weight, with some indication of development in the countries taken from a sample of Angola, Cameroon, Cuba, Israel and Palestine, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Tunisia and Venezuela.

The results draw the attention of institutions who want to meet us in person to discuss the future generations. We can promise them that we will continue with an activity that started in 2005, sharing with passion and persevering a non-competitive approach to work. We want to help Cuba to improve its position in this non-competitive table between the Nerazzurri countries, but above all we want to aid the development of the children’s personalities for their own good.