Our December visit to Roong (40 km from the capital Phnom Penh) was full of emotion. The 175 young children present at the Inter Campus welcomed us as always with warmth and smiles, ready to wear the new Inter kit and head out onto the training pitch with us.

The three days spent in the village were very intense, with training sessions taking place in both the morning and afternoon under the hot Cambodian sun. Once again we were taken aback by the joy and carefree nature of the kids during training, as they demonstrated clear technical improvements in comparison to previous months, largely thanks to the work put in by local coaches Samrach, Malup and Vituc.

Concluding the week was the usual Christmas party at a village school organised by friends of Mission Possible. Despite the 35 degrees heat and the significant humidity, Father Christmas still made an appearance and handed over gifts to all those involved.