BUDAPEST – At Christmas, a surprise is worth twice as much. Not just because a surprise is by its very nature unexpected but because this time of the year often means receiving gifts. We therefore decided to bring a surprise to children of Budapest’s Cepsko orphanage where we’ve been involved since 2010 as we brought a suitcase full of Inter hats, cards and stickers alongside the classic Christmas hat.

Before the party, there was a final training session which had a boisterous atmosphere in the small setting of the gym as the children’s enthusiasm was hard to contain. After the final match, the children still in their Inter kits took on the cold by running into the room where the party was being held, ready to receive their gifts.

In this time of the year, temperatures drop below zero in Budapest so the kids warm themselves up with goulash and hot chocolate while wrapping up as much as possible. But, for the children at Cepsko in their shirts and shorts, a surprise is twice as special and there was nothing cold about the day.