“Nonviolence is the greatest strength at the disposal of humankind. It´s the strongest weapon of destruction that humankind can comprehend”, these were the last words of the Indian leader.

A message which was taken up by the UN General Assembly resolution to highlight the “universal relevance of the principle of nonviolence” and the “desire to guarantee a culture of peace, tolerance, understanding and nonviolence”.

There are numerous Inter Campus realities in which we work where there are strong and constant injustices; one thinks of Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, Bosnia Herzegovina and the Congo where the game of football becomes a universal language and the participation in the project makes the children feel part of the same family, the projects and safe from situations of danger, discomfort and violent clashes.

It is a good time to recall the thoughts of Gandhi- a strong and fundamental instrument of peace and of sharing that finds its presence and practicality on the football fields across the world and throughout the children of the Inter Campus and their experiences.