Inter Campus Hungary’s training activities are back underway: after the action resumed in the village of Szendrolad, the same occurred in Debrecen. Then, a few weeks ago, it was the turn of the Cseppko orphanage in Budapest. In all three training camps, the Nerazzurri’s social project is continuing its social work aimed at promoting social integration and inclusion, as it has been doing for over ten years now.

The restart is taking place at gradual speed and has been characterised by the scrupulous observation of safety protocols set out by the host country as well as well as the rules put in place by the Inter Campus coaches to ensure that sessions are carried out safely. In this respect, the role of our partner and our local coaches is vital, and they have been buoyed by the positive energy and unbridled joy of the children after the resumption of activities. They have been tasked with playing their role of educators with a heightened sense of responsibility and attention.