We’re very happy to have taken part in the #MoreThanFootball Action Weeks campaign once again this year. This was conceived and created in order to illustrate through videos, messages, images and games how football is able to act as a medium through which important social changes can be brought about.

With regard to Inter Campus, we’ve always been active in aiming to attain objectives pertaining to inclusivity, gender equality, integration, fighting poverty and promoting education. We invited Nerazzuri Youth Ambassadors that fight disease on a daily basis through sport: they follow the Sport-Therapy programme at the Centro Maria Letizia Verga in Monza. While hospitalised, Chiara, Rebecca, Nico and Nicolas train in the paediatric oncohaematology department. On their social media accounts, they described how sport provides a way to strengthen muscles damaged by treatment, make new friends, distract oneself, practise the game, have fun and be able to heal without needing to stop!

A special thank you to our younger friends and also to the players Danilo D’Ambrosio, Alexìs Sanchez and Stefan de Vrij, who participated enthusiastically in the campaign. They recognise the strength that football possesses beyond the pitch too.