MILAN – A lovely crisp yet sunny September afternoon, a reminder that we’ve now entered autumn, a great season for playing outdoors.

At the inauguration of an accessible fourth playground at the Giardini Ezio Lucarelli, a community garden in Zone 3 of Milan, Inter Campus coaches brought the event to life by sending the children out onto the pitch to play, taking into account safety measures and ensuring that their temperatures were taken and their hands were sanitised.

After the park was presented and the ribbon was cut alongside the city authorities, the children, together with their parents, were able to enjoy stories, performances, theatre games and other exciting experiences. It was a great occasion, with the youngsters being able to play in the great outdoors, something which contributes to the growth process and psychomotor development of children.

In addition to creating outdoor spaces together with the City of Milan, the ‘Gioco al Centro: playgrounds for all children’ project aims to make public parks throughout Milan’s nine Zones accessible for all and promote a culture of respect towards those with disabilities. The project carries out educational activities and raises awareness in schools, while it also aims to strengthen solidarity networks.

Thanks to a collaboration with the Campo Teatrale association, who helped organise the day and will support upcoming activities until June 2022, there will be theatre workshops in the Zone’s schools and the park will be brought to life with a rich programme of inclusive events and spectacles.