The ‘Land of Beavers’ – this is Bobrov, the name of the town where Inter Campus has worked for a number of years with 30 kids, almost all of whom are orphans and also suffering from psychomotor problems. It is here, in this rural town located around 80km south-east of Voronezh, that we are gradually putting together a sports recovery programme along with our coaches Alexei and Vadim. The teachers tell us stories of what these kids have been through, something which we find incredibly hard to believe when we see the smiles on their faces and how happy they are when we come back to see them every six months. Alberto and Juri ensure that their method of teaching is being respected because this is at the heart of our project. We then get in the car and take a tour of institutes and schools (in Voronezh, Semilukij, Gradjanka), also contacting local NGO associations, such as Slon (elephant) and the NKO in Voronezh. This is because our objective, in agreement with Pirelli Tyres Russia who sponsor us, is to enhance our impact as much as possible within this community. We are welcomed everywhere with open arms and our mentor, Alexander, assures us of their desire to collaborate and build over the next five years, taking it step-by-step… just like the beavers.