CUBA – The Inter Campus delegation returned to Cuba where the project continues. The work with six groups of children and as many coaches is taking shape in what is designed to be an educational and sporting development process for the long term.

60 children were celebrating in Havana with as many in Holguín as they were ready to receive the new Nerazzurri shirts to replace their old ones. They wait anxiously as they know the fundamentals of Inter Campus along with the rules and sense of fun that accompanies each training session. At seven-years-old, Ernesto is one of the youngest but also one of the most talkative youngsters. He welcomes and entertains us all on behalf of his peers and tells about the progress made in past months.

The greatest sense of satisfaction comes from seeing them grow through sport, forming groups and helping one another. They collaborate on the pitch but also in life as they learn to enjoy themselves through the use of a football.