The delivery of Inter shirts and shorts is one of the most exciting moment both for the children who receive them and for the adults who deliver them. It’s a magical moment of pure joy that’s one of the best aspects of our visits around the world, not only because it’s a gift, and giving and receiving gifts is one of the most joyful things possible, but because the Nerazzurri colours are the symbol of Inter’s great family of which we are part. Wearing those colours is a sign of belonging that assumes great value for all children and even more so for those who live in situations of hardship and poverty.

Before they arrive in the young Inter Campus children’s hands, the kits depart from the warehourses in Milan and thanks to the commitment and support of our Proud Partner DB Schenker, they travel to the teams in all of our 30 countries around the world. It’s an extraordinary mission of cooperation between the top management of DB Schenker Italia and those at Inter Futura, whose common goal is to reach thousands of children living in vulnerable situations and give them our team’s outfit. Mario Bravi, Air Export Customer Service Supervisor, and an invaluable operational reference for the shipments’ organisation says it’s “a mission that is strengthened year upon year and that makes us happy and proud.”

The current health emergency situation caused by Covid-19 has not stopped our partner, which is adapting with a dynamic attitude to the scenarios that change from day to day from country to country according to the critical issues that emerge with a direct impact on operations, such as flight cancellations, airport closures, significant and continuous changes on air fare related costs. “All this is thanks to the solidity of the company for which I work,” Mario Bravi explains, “who, with its worldwide network, has given continuity on supplies and handling of those necessary goods, basic necessities, despite the very strong reduction of flights available on the market.” He continued by saying, “the department I represent works 100% in smartworking mode, and in my opinion it does so with exceptional results, which make us safer and at the same time operational in adapting to current needs.”

“There is an anecdote that I’ll always remember,” Mario Bravi finishes, “the first images of a delivery organised as express in Paraguay…I, who was used to our ordinary monitored vehicles, armoured cars, additional supplies…I saw an off-road vehicle with packages loaded on the trailer because the vans couldn’t make it! Those were realities unknown to me, to which I hope to give my very small contribution to your great project and make the children happy through providing a shirt to wear, which we proudly deliver.”