Sarajevo – In Europe’s great mosaic, there lies a small tile known as Bosnia and Herzegovina with its treasure, Europe’s Jerusalem, the city of Sarajevo. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a place of great cultural and historical heritage that’s gathered with great care over the centuries, and in which you can see all the intellectual vitality and spirit of this country and its people.

The last war seriously damaged the multicultural coexistence of the country’s citizens and left deep-rooted traces and lasting scars that became even more acute and engrained as result of the conflict. The consequence is that today we have completely, more or less, ethnically clean towns and villages where minorities don’t have basic human rights. One result of this policy is the schools known as ‘Two schools under one roof’ where children are divided according to nationality or ethnicity. This type of segregation has the support of political organisations. And Sarajevo, with the extraordinary willpower of its citizens tries to revive its ancient beauty, but the multicultural spirit remains damaged.

The Inter Campus Project is more than welcome here in this difficult environment. The activities are open to all, giving children the opportunity to have company, socialise and get to know each other through the game of football.

The game represents an important chance to make children understand that being different is a treasure, and not a problem, as is often presented to them.

Furthermore, children from vulnerable families in precarious economic conditions can participate in the project. Thanks to Inter Campus, they can become part of the great Nerazzurri family, which promotes the right to play, which is often forgotten nowadays by these children. Every meeting and visit with Italian teachers and coaches brings great joy and happiness, and professional support also becomes moral support as the children grow aware that they’ve not been forgotten.

A dream for the future? A meeting between children from Inter Campus Bosnia and Herzegovina and those from other countries around the world!

Thank you very much, Inter Campus!