KRAKOW – Inter Campus Poland has been active since 2002 in a district on the edge of Krakow, where local sports centre the Jadwiga Club is located.

The club is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and since the Nerazzurri charitable wing set root in the country, Jadwiga have offered their support in using football as a way of preventing juvenile delinquency and helping high-risk children to feel included in society.

The Inter Campus delegation was welcomed on our second visit to Poland this season by long-time coaching coordinator Aleksander Kawiorski and his team. Aside from their job as coaches and educators for roughly 300 kids at the sports club, they also work with around 80 children from orphanages in Kazimierz, Sieborowice and Pawlikowice.

Inter Campus’ method is distinguished by the importance it puts by teaching values such as respect for people, rules, loyalty, tolerance and courage. The project uses football as a way of teaching good behaviour on and off the pitch.

During the stay, Nerazzurri coaches Lorenzo Forneris and Fabio Perfetti held practical demonstrations for Polish coaches Kasha, Olek, Arthur, Witek, Leschek and Rafal. Nearly 200 children who are involved in the project were delighted to take part as well.

The final day of the trip included training sessions and a mini-tournament overseen by the Inter Campus coaches on the 11-a-side pitch. It was the perfect way to sign off the visit in an atmosphere inspired by inclusiveness.