[Rosa Camuna Prize to Massimo Moratti]

I was fortunate enough to set up the Inter Campus Project that still works, and when you see the smile of the boys and their families, you realize you’re doing something useful. I am proud of this project, it is something that continues to bear good fruits.” With these words, Massimo Moratti emphasizes, during the ceremony of delivering of the Rosa Camuna Prize – with which Regione Lombardia recognizes the commitment, the creativity, the talent of those who have been particularly distinguished in contributing to economic, social, cultural, sporting development in Lombardia – the pride for its creature Inter Campus that every day since 1997 gives children their right to play. On the parchment delivered to him we read: As Inter President he has achieved extraordinary results, bringing the name of Lombardia all over the world. With the support of his family and his team, he founded and supported Inter Campus, a social Program for young people in many countries, thus best interpreting the Lombardy’s vocation to social and volunteerism.

Passion for football and commitment to social, an adventure born during Inter years which continues today.