[Inter Campus Venezuela: sport and health]

CARACAS – The boys and girls from Caracas come to the camp because they have fun: playing football with the Inter jersey makes them feel proud, and the Nerazzurri philosophy, together with the kindness of the local coaches, makes every training session a joyful moment.
But for some months now, as in the past, there is one more reason not to miss it: at the end of the game, before going home, snacks are distributed for everyone! Sometimes it is a juice, sometimes fruit or sandwiches, there is always something new. No one leaves the pitch early and, indeed, brothers and sisters peep in looking for a small snack. In the spirit of the project and within the limits of practicality, everyone gets something.
Inter Campus has been present in Venezuela for many years and is familiar with the nutritional problems of many families, who often do not have access to a complete diet or enough meals. Jokingly, coach Diana tells us about desalmuerzo, the combination of breakfast – desayuno – and lunch – almuerzo – that she is forced to organise for her children. The word echoes the concept of brunch, perhaps better known, but certainly far removed from the needs of this country. Here, eating three times a day is a luxury for the few and one has to make an effort to rationalise. Especially for children, the consequences in terms of development are obvious and negative.
That is why any help, such as that of Inter Campus together with the UEFA Foundation, is significant. Whoever can contribute, even through the smallest gesture, knows that they are adding up to many actions that allow the community of San Isidro, little by little, to grow and get better..
The project is co-financed by the UEFA Foundation for Children.