BUDAPEST – In Hungary, episodes of intolerance against the Roma people have
multiplied. As a response to this, Inter Campus has set up a centre in
Szendrolad, a village of 2,000 people located 180 km north of Budapest. The
village, with a strong presence of Roma inhabitants, suffered a terrible flood
a year ago that further accentuated their conditions of poverty and led to the
discontinuation of sport activities that were in existence until then.

Our local partner, the "Love is the Answer" Association, immediately
went into action after the cataclysm with various responses to promote
solidarity in favour of the community. During the last visit the Inter Campus
programme was put into action with 60 children, mostly from the Roma community,
who were happy and proud to receive the Nerazzurri shirt and start
participating in sport again. The opening ceremony mobilised the entire
village, with folk songs and traditional dances enlivening the party and with
many games on the field, obviously managed expertly by two Inter Campus
coaches, Paola Balconi and Silvio

The second part of the visit was held at the Cseppko orphanage in Budapest,
where 40 boys and girls participate with much enthusiasm and regularly take
part in the training sessions.

A special thanks goes out to Jonathan
Cloward, the big-hearted
worker with the "Love is the Answer" Association. Loved by all of the
children, he teaches music, English, works as a clown in the hospital and now
he’s also an important teacher with Inter Campus.

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