MUKONO – From 10 to 18 November, the Inter Campus delegation consisting of Massimo Seregni, Alberto Giacomini and Roberto
Picari returned to Uganda for the
first annual Inter Campus visit of the 2011/12 season. In Nagallama, in Mukono,
950 boys and girls of the St Joseph primary school, connected to the nearby
hospital created by CUAMM doctors with Africa, participate in sports and
educational activities wearing black and blue. The training course involved
local coaches and educators, including Fred Mpanga and Michael Kutosi, senior members of the local project, and the headmistress Mrs.
Josephine Nabumajo, who welcomed us with great warmth and cooperation, as

In Angal, in the West Nile region on the border with Congo, a hundred children
in this poor and isolated community of the savannah, connected with the Comboni
missionaries and the ‘Friends of Angal’ association (born as an offshoot of
CUAMM), received Inter sports equipment and took part in educational activities
with our indefatigable Alberto and Roberto. The arrival of the balls was warmly
received and there was disbelief from the children for the attention devoted to
them by these muzungu (white men) who came from so far away to have them play
and enjoy themselves in the new shirts that they had seen on the only
television in the village when watching broadcasts of European football