KRAKOW – There was a packed program of activities for the Inter Campus delegation as they spent a hot May week in Krakow.

As well as a meeting to share theoretical ideas with all of the project’s local instructors, there were also training sessions organised involving the various youth categories of the Jadwiga parish football team and nearby Inter Campus centres: the orphanages of Kazimierz, Pawlikowice and Sieborowice and the reformatory of Gorka Naradowa.

The technical and educational standards of Jadwiga were, as always, exceptional. But we were also delighted to see huge improvements in the behaviour of the children from the orphanages and reformatory, where Jadwiga instructors continue to work with great dedication throughout the year.

The Inter Campus trainers presented the kids with this season’s Nerazzurri kit – something that went down very well indeed at the orphanages and reformatory.

There were a couple of special events organised for our last day in Poland. In the morning, we took great satisfaction in watching the league match between Jadwiga’s U15s side and their Wisla Krakow counterparts (because of their age, these children were unable to participate in the Inter Campus project until last year). In the afternoon, a tournament organised by the Krakow Department of Justice saw involvement from several teams from local orphanages and reformatories, with the team from our Inter Campus centre in Pawlikowice finishing in second place!



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