CALI – We left behind Italy and Expo with the theme of nutrition ringing in our ears. When we arrived in Colombia it seemed like the pavilions in Milan had made their way over here too.

In every training session, the boys and girls are taught coordination, technique and athletic movements, as well as how to look after their bodies. Training also includes a few minutes’ stretching between the warm-up and the most intense drills. The main aim is to convey a working method, which follows a logical pattern, as well as putting the kids in physical contact with each other and fostering trust. The idea is to help each other out. Every activity gets the youngsters thinking so they’re always mentally switched on. Coordinating one’s brain and legs is not easy but it happens instinctively through football.

The kids were very excited as they received their shirts shortly before training but Silvio and Juri made sure they realised the great responsibility they have too. Their euphoria turned to focus and awareness, which tempered their excitement over a game for a few minutes.

At the end, before it was time to go home, everyone refuelled with locally-sourced produce: be it bananas, apples or mangoes, everyone brought their favourite fruit with them for snack time. The mothers on the sidelines made fruit juice which was handed out in an orderly fashion. Recovery is important when you’re working in the sun. You learn to listen to your body, part of a balanced ecosystem.

In its own way, Inter Campus also feeds the plan, by harnessing energy for life.



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