Krakow – Iza is a coach and educator of a group of boys and girls with intellectual disabilities at the Special School in Zamosc. Kasia goes to the orphanage in Kazimierz every Wednesday to be with the child orphans who live there. Lukas is on the pitch at the Special School in Zakatek where boys and girls with Down syndrome and on the autism spectrum meet on Mondays to practise their football skills. Olek, as a coordinator on the Polish project, follows and leads his group towards the end goal of supporting social promotion and integration of child orphans, abandoned children and those with physical and intellectual disabilities.

The common path involves meeting out on the pitch every week and initiatives away from the pitch which constitute extraordinary opportunities for the protagonists to socialise and enjoy themselves. From participation in the mini Olympics with the national team (congratulations to winners Damian and Oliver!) to integrated tournaments between boys and girls at all the hubs, from the sports pilgrimage at Black Madonna of Czestochowa to the picnic organised on the pitch at Wisla Krakow including a visit to the dressing rooms and a small-sided game at a huge stadium, there have been a whole host of incredible moments that have strengthened the connection among the young Polish Nerazzurri.