The Inter Campus delegation returned for the new sports season in the
Democratic Republic of Congo, a place that is always complicated yet beautiful
because of the results being obtained through our commitments and our local

There was great enthusiasm for the progress of the work in the city of
Kinshasa, which will bear fruit in the creation of the Ujana sports and
educational centre in collaboration with Inter Campus and UNICEF. The centre
will be situated near the now defunct Tata Raphael Stadium, famous for hosting
the "Rumble in the Jungle" boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman
in 1974. Once completed, the youth centre will be open not only to all of the
Inter Campus children, but also to those from all the other organisations
linked to UNICEF for a sports education project.

One hundred and thirty children from Kinshasa had the pleasure of training in
the new Inter shirt with our coaches Alberto and Dario. It was especially
touching to witness the first workout on the new pitch in Kimbondo at the
children’s hospital.

The head of the project, Father Hugo, assured us that, in collaboration with
UNICEF and Inter Campus, it will be the only sports centre for the entire
surrounding region, with plenty of showers and toilets that are not even
available in private homes. It will also be available to all the children who
will take part in the activities organised by Inter Campus throughout the year.