The Inter Campus staff was greeted with a very warm welcome in Cochabamba,
Bolivia, where the delegation had been awaited by representatives of local
institutions, by representatives from the Fundación Casari, Massimo and Veronica, and by more than
100 children, thrilled at the thought of spending several days playing and
celebrating with the Inter Campus coaches.

The Fundación Casari, the project partner in Bolivia, takes daily care of these
children by means of recreational, leisure and educational activities developed
at the CER, their office located in the difficult Ticti Norte neighbourhood.

The intense programme of the visit included theoretical meetings, practical
demonstrations and coaching updates for local instructors as well as many games
with the children, who also received their new Nerazzurri kits from coaches
Gabriele Raspelli and Ricardo Martinez, and technical director Aldo Montinaro.

Especially touching was the visit to San Sebastian Prison, holding 500 inmates
as well as 90 children (the children and grandchildren of the prisoners), which
took place on the day dedicated to the awareness of child abuse.