months have passed since the first training session was held at the Inter
Campus centre in Szendrolad. A date that coincided with the
inauguration of a project which aims to promote the social
inclusion of Roma children by encouraging them to attend school. The project is organised with the help of local partner Love is The

The kids have spent a lot of time on the pitch since our last visit, improving their football skills but also other things, such as their level of discipline – an important step that
can help boost their attendance at lessons.

The local trainers, also of Roma
ethnicity, have been doing with the kids what they learnt during previous practical lessons with Inter Campus coaches, and the children have been
very receptive. There are small signs that the project is making headway. For example these words that Istvàn, one of the boys at the
centre, said to our coaches over a bowl of goulash at dinner time: "I’m proud to be
Romani and I also feel Hungarian."

Besides carrying out their usual
monitoring activities, the Inter Campus delegation – headed by
Christian Valerio with coaches Juri Monzani and Raffaele Quaranta –
spent four days on the
pitch working alongside the five local coaches. They also handed out Nerazzurri shirts to everyone
involved in the project – much to the delight of the 80 youngsters.