ASUNCION – We returned to Asunción recently to meet the Inter Campus kids who live on the landfill site in Cateura and those in Zeballos Cué, as well as Inter Campus Paraguay coordinator Julio Gonzalez and the team of local trainers.

The first day was set aside for technical and organisational meetings designed to get the most out of our delegation’s presence on the territory. As usual Julio and his staff got involved with great enthusiasm and dedication.

The second day saw our activities get up to full speed. While Aldo Montinaro and Julio Gonzalez were at the airport obtaining customs clearance for the Inter Campus footballs, coaches Juri Monzani and Dario Tripol were with the children in Zeballos Cué. Juri and Dario watched the local instructors directing the activities, offering useful advice when appropriate. The afternoon was spent in similar fashion at Cateura.

It’s always difficult to describe the surreal living conditions of our young footballers, who live with their families in a shantytown built on a rubbish tip in Asunción. The only source of income for these extremely dignified people comes from what they are able to scavenge amidst the waste for recycling, a job carried out by young and old alike.

Asunción was struck by a heavy rainfall on our last day, when we met for a theory lesson in the morning then hired a small gym in the afternoon for practical work on the pitch.

In the afternoon we were joined by Inter Campus Bolivia coordinator Massimo Casari, who met Julio again for the first time since the Inter Campus World Cup in 2009. Massimo told the kids about the Cochabamba project and shared some stories about the lives of their Bolivian counterparts.