BUDAPEST – Inter Campus returned to Hungary to visit local partner ‘Love is the Answer’ (

In Budapest, at the Cseppko orphanage, we were happy to see just how valuable the educational project has been, since with each of our visits we can see how much improvement has been made in the children’s behaviour. The instructors in Budapest were thrilled to explain to us how the children view the local staff and Inter Campus as a force for stability in their lives.

We then moved on to the centre in Szendrolad where, as in Budapest, the 80 children have made huge strides from a behavioural standpoint as well as in their ability to follow the coaches’ instructions. In the coming months there will also be a group of 20 girls, aged 10 to 14, who will begin training on a weekly basis.

All the joy the kids felt during the delegation’s visit was summed up in their smiles as they received their new kits and kicked their new Inter Campus footballs.