BUENOS AIRES – Inter Campus Argentina is expanding: a new entity has become an official part of the program of visits to Buenos Aires. The sheet metal houses and the narrow alleys had already given us a taster of daily life in the neighbourhood a couple of months ago. Villa Jardin is an area full of life, love and enthusiasm, but with few services available to the community.

And so Inter Campus, as a socio-educational organisation for those who would otherwise spend their afternoon on the streets, seemed to be an almost natural solution. The first response, and not by chance, was positive: children, partially surprised by the new approach to the sport and partially interested in these new coaches from far away, welcomed us with great amazement and joy.

There was a celebratory atmosphere from the start, when each of them received a Nerazzurri shirt; just the first moment on a long journey that we hope we will do together. Then training, games and technical exercises, done together and with passion.

At the end of the activities, a moment of closure with the local coaches, to help establish the best practices to follow in the coming months. Discipline, respect and collaboration as a basis on which yo construct the success of the project, both on and off the pitch.

Greetings take place once again and the children come out again: with eyes full of joy they wanted to greet us one more time, confirming to us how beautiful a thing it is to create smiles through the game of football.