150 boys and girls from the Parque Educativo primary school of the Primero de Mayo area in Puerto Iguazú welcomed the Inter Campus staff with the usual enthusiasm. For them, it’s always a party with Inter Campus but perhaps at this time of the year with the holidays just around the corner, it’s even more so. Conditions in the area are tough but the school is fortunately there. It’s managed by the Fondazione London Supply in order to support to the children in their development across a variety of aspects. The Parque Educativo allows them not to develop only in an educational sense, but it also provides for them to receive a daily meal (which can’t be taken for granted at home) and they can also take part in the recreational and educational activities of Inter Campus.

Inter Campus’ journey continued to Buenos Aires and Remedios de Escalada in particular to see the children and coaches from the Fondazione Pupi. Here, 70 take part in activities constantly and the behavioural improvements in just the last year have been enormous considering the context of poverty, crime and violence in life here.

Children around the world are taught that the Inter shirt isn’t just a gift but a precious object. They have to take care of it and we trust them with it because they’re important to us. This is also very clear among the children at the Fondazione Pupi, on this occasion they were presented with shirts that had their names printed on the back before going out to play on pitches of Club Atletico Tallares.