NAGALAMA – The children of St Joseph school gave us a warm welcome by singing the Ugandan national anthem. That gave us a full insight into their world, where we spent a few days working and laughing.

Our goal was to further work on our technical-educational project. The classroom and football pitch are places to test the ‘play together’ approach, a very useful tool to help development in the four areas of a child’s personality. The football match is always the most-anticipated moment, the perfect setting to showcase the children’s development. To play a game it’s not just about impulsiveness, it’s also a matter of organisation, cooperation and faith in your own abilities and those of your team-mates. It’s an important opportunity to learn and grow, from a personal as well as technical point of view. All areas of a child’s personality are stimulated, while the coaches try and make this process as entertaining and as productive as possible.

Our coaches are there to absorb as much information as possible. Communication comes from both sides, enriches both sides and allows us to have an impact on the focus of our attention: The children.

Our stay came to an end with a large tournament for children of all ages. We had fun together with them on a football pitch surrounded by banana trees.

The moment of separation came too early. But in a few months we will meet again in Nagalama, to carry on with our projects and ready to ‘play together’ even more.