Krakow – Spring is blossoming, displaying its magical colours that brighten the days even from the other side of the windows inside the house. It’s nice to stay with family and recap the most memorable moments that have passed.

Among the most successful initiatives has been the Friendship Tournament which Olek, a historic partner of the Polish project, organised to take place at the special needs school on Zakatek street, the site of our most recent training base launched in September. This tournament involved coaches Lukasz and Iza, the latter of whom brought along children from the special needs school where she works.

There were lots of games and fun for all the children, who were very happy to meet each other. They showed no inhibitions on the pitch, giving the impression that they’d known each other forever. Credit must also be given to the teacher-coaches, who involved the children in integrated playing activities in mixed groups.

Thank you very much to our Polish friends, who continue to give the children wonderful moments to remember!