The Inter Campus delegation have arrived in Hungary to visit both the project’s coaches and children. Working in Budapest, in the biggest orphanage in the country, the team firstly focus their attention on a small northern town called Szendroladt, which has a large Romani community.

Activities began precisely on these Hungarian hills, where we distributed Nerazzurri shirts and shorts to the project’s children. With them, over a number of visits, we completed a number of training camps, making constant improvements not only in terms of technique but also with their education. When returning we see the same children who’ve grown slightly, but with a completely new and improved attitude in comparison to the past. This is primarily down to the enormous work put in by the local coaches: Gabor, Tamas and Jeuti. Witnessing this progress does not just provide us with further motivation, but also shows that our combined path is now beginning to bear fruit. During out visits we’ve helped the coaches to organise their work for the season which is about to begin, also encouraging them to focus on the four areas of a child’s personality.

We then returned to Budapest to visit an orphanage in Cepsko. Once again we gave out Inter shirts and shorts, while also getting to know the two new coaches, who are both called Balint. We shared with them our training methodology at Inter Campus, made up of an initial game, phase of analysis, a playing situation and then a final match. As like in Szendroladt, we recognised a number of children within the project, some of whom have attended since 2010. Lot’s of them change locations and seek new opportunities in life, but Istvan and Geisa have remained. The former is confident and outgoing, whereas the second is more introverted. Together we all embrace, having become friends over time.