Our local coaches/teachers delivered the new F.C Internazionale 2017-18 kits at a great event at the pitch in Hergla for the boys and girls in the project at Hergla and Souaya.

A day of football was dedicated to fun and friendship where the kids from the Campus got to know one another on the pitch and have fun along with their friends and support one another from the sides. A large number of parents and relatives were there to support their children and it was an emotional occasion to see the parents from Souayha as the coach full with their children left for Hergla. “Today is a day of celebration for us, you’ve brought joy to the hearts of the children from Souayha,” they told us.

Everyone was a winner by the end of the day, the parents who followed their children over the day, volunteers from the Tanit Social and Cultural Association who managed the logistics, the coaches/teachers of Inter Campus Tunisia who accompanied the youngest kids and the boys and girls who turned Hergla black and blue and brought joy and fun to the village. All of the children were greeted by Tanit President Chicco Uncini with a flower to plant in their homes. There were 240 flowers for 240 boys and girls as we look to help their development through the themes of friendship, respect and solidarity. We also thank Tunisair, the Proud Travel Partner of Inter Campus Tunisia, for embracing the project and playing their part in this extraordinary adventure.