ASUNCIÓN – The Inter Campus delegation recently returned to Paraguay to meet with 300 children from the project and also continue their technical and educational work with local coaches.
However, prior to our arrival, there were a few unusual days in Asunción. There were strong rains, floods and also a dengue alert that made the whole city panic. We were also worried ourselves, thinking about the Inter Campus kids who live and train in Zeballos Cué and Cateura. Both areas are marshy and lie close to the Paraguay River, with the water overflowing and making local pitches unplayable.
For this reason, our local guide Julio González Ferreira set out to find us a safe place to train, which would also allow the children to enjoy their time with the Inter Campus coaches. A location was soon found thanks to the generosity of Sports Minister Victor Pecci, who made available the beautiful ministerial pitches at the ‘Secretaría Nacional de Deportes’.
Both coaches and kids played out on a synthetic pitch, which was a unique experience considering they’d never trained in such good conditions.
We’d also like to thank the Italy Ambassador in Paraguay Gabriele Annis, who welcomed us to his office to discuss important collaborative projects in the future, once against highlighting the Embassy’s support for our project.