Inter Club members are again displaying their attachment to and solidarity with the children of Inter Campus.

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Inter Club Gallo d’Oro from Seregno (MB) raised funds for the Sao Paulo centre of Inter Campus Brazil. Inter Club Angelo Mario Moratti from Maltignano (AP) showed the same desire to help children at the same branch of Inter Campus.

There are 220 children in Sao Paulo who take part daily in fun and educational activities at Inter Campus. The project operates in conjunction with the Parish of Our Lady of Fatima and has the objectives of promoting school attendance for the boys and girls living in favelas and developing impoverished areas.

We thank the members for their generosity and all fans who are not Inter Club members who want to support Inter Campus with a small contribution. From this year, it’s possible to become a supporting member of Inter Campus. The project selected in advance for the current season is the Brazilian one.