PITITINGA – They all come out of a small grey van in single file, a group including Augusto, Luciano, Lucas, Erick, Leonardo and Marcelo. These are all coaches from Recife where in 1997 Inter Campus began. Some of them are still with us, coming from a time when Whatsapp and Facebook did not exist, only telephones and meetings. Despite this, the project grew and has gone on to help thousands of children.

Two new faces are Jorge and Dandan, teachers from the most recently formed Inter Campus centre. They arrive from Camocim to meet their Brazilian colleagues for the first time, curious to see how they operate.

As a result, the veterans and new recruits arrived in Pititinga and Maracajau to enjoy three days of training both in the classroom and also out on the training pitch, working with a total of 80 children in villages close to the sea. All those from the Vida Foundation in Pititinga, represented by Milena, follow us with patience and dedication, providing us with accommodation at a pousada next to the pitches and classrooms.

However, the real owner is Braz. A passionate and cheerful man who trains all the children every week and greets us with great enthusiasm. We profit from his decision to split the children into four groups, sticking to the Nerazzurri methodology focused on developing the players’ personalities.

Time passed quickly and the activities soon ended. Thanks to these few days, everyone involved will now return to the training pitch enriched in some way. Everyone with their own vision of play, but all united by the Inter Campus philosophy.