CARACAS – Today saw the conclusion of the first technical refresher course dedicated to the 300 children and 9 coaches of the Fundacion Magallanes, the Inter Campus Venezuela partner, and the youngest of the Inter Campus projects, having been inaugurated only last May.

Our own coach, Roberto Picardi, and Ricardo Martinez, the new coordinator of the Inter Campus projects in Spanish speaking countries (Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Paraguay), completed six days of intense technical activity as they moved around the various bases in Caracas. A welcome guest, during the ceremony that presented all the children in the project with their own Inter kit, was the Italian Consul General, Giovanni Davoli, a big Inter fan, who didn’t miss the opportunity to confirm his willingness to support the development of future projects in Venezuela, especially considering the logistical difficulties that exist in the country.

Accompanied by their local representative, Luis Merola, the entire Inter Campus delegation, led by the technical director Aldo Montinaro, and immortalised by the irreplaceable photographer Franco Origlia, was welcomed at the Italo-Venezuelan Centre, which counts 27,000 members with an Italian background. The day was spent on the training pitches, where the delegation carried out a demonstration session for the local football coaches and the director of the training centre, Mario Chiavaroli. Later on, once more in the company of the director, whilst enjoying a very Italian plate of spaghetti, there was plenty of celebration for the latest successes of the Nerazzurri club, and plenty of consideration for future collaborations, which are aimed at developing a dynamic and flexible programme in a complicated, yet unexpectedly resourceful, nation.